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Faith In Every Student  "Since 1855"

Educational Philosophy

In order to be an exemplary Catholic school, Saint Michael School will foster an environment where:
  • students, teachers, staff, and school families work together toward the ultimate goal of human existence—knowing, loving, and serving God in this world, in order to live with Him forever in the next.
  • school parents are active participants in the education of their children.
  • Catholic school families provide a model of Christian living by praying and attending Mass together, and by participating in the sacramental life of the Church.
  • students and families of all faith backgrounds are welcome to share the blessing of a Catholic school.
  • teachers serve as witnesses of the Catholic faith by their words, deeds, prayer, and example to promote the ongoing formation and spiritual growth of their students.
  • students model respect for all the cultural, political, and religious differences found in society.
  • students discover and develop a positive sense of self-esteem through self-discovery of their gifts and personal talents.
  • students experience a challenging curriculum and are given the tools necessary for academic success.
  • students develop the power to think constructively, to solve problems, and to reason independently and ethically.
  • students are exposed to the great works of sacred and secular art and music, so as to appreciate the role of beauty in faith and education.
  • students receive instruction in music, art, technology, and physical education in order to provide a well-rounded educational experience.

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If you have witnessed or have knowledge of a student being bullied in St. Michael School please click the link below. Please click the link below to report any bullying activity:
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      St. Michael School
      275 High Street
      Brookville, IN 47012

      Mr. Ashley Meyer, Principal

      Phone: 765-647-4961
      Fax: 765-647-6802

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      The Mission of Saint Michael School is to provide all students with a sound Catholic and scholastic education which will serve them as children of God in this life and in the next. We are dedicated to encouraging each student to develop his or her spiritual, mental, physical and social gifts to the fullest in the context of a Christian way of life.
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